“People hurt themselves or others only when they don’t know a better way to meet their needs. Therefore education that empowers people to create change in the most positive ways is our first imperative.”

— Transformation Guru, Samia Bano

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Free Online Training: How to Make Changing the World Fun And Easy

Imagine how fun and easy it would be to change the world if you could get people excited to CONTRIBUTE their TIME & MONEY to your cause… This training reveals the #1 secret that allows our most effective ChangeMakers to do just that & YOU CAN TOO!

Free Online Training: How to Change The World With Love

Learn the 3 Principles of Transformative Action which form the basis of the scientifically proven most effective methods of creating social (and personal) change! You’ll learn exactly how our most effective ChangeMakers drive away hate with love, expose injustice with compassion, and transform even their enemies into friends to change the world with love.

Flagship Coaching & Training Programs

Happiness 101 Training

Find It Hard & Lonely to Change Your Life & the World?

Discover exactly how you can transform your life and the world with fun and ease by mastering the Happiness 101 Training system.

The Happiness 101 Training delivers the targeted support, guidance and accountability you need to systematically apply everything you learn to make change fun and easy. This includes complimentary access to Samia’s highly empowering Ruthless Compassion Mentoring Calls.

Just imagine how amazing it will be able to choose to happy no matter the circumstances so you can also make change fun and easy!


Transformative Action Training

Revealed: The secrets of our most effective ChangeMakers for creating massive positive change in their lives and the world with love.

Get access to 3 step-by-step, in depth modules with over 30 hours of transformational content personally taught by Transformation Guru Samia Bano where you’ll discover and learn to apply the most effective methods of creating social change.

NOTE: The curriculum you’ll be studying has been successfully taught at more than 50 colleges and universities across the United States, including Cornell, Yale, Princeton, Harvard, Stanford, Columbia, NYU, UCLA and UC Berkeley. It has also been used in dozens of nations around the world from Europe to Latin America, and from Africa to Asia.

Even more exciting, you’ll walk away with a detailed portfolio and blueprint of your very own social change project. By the end of this training you’ll know exactly how to live a life you love and get rich doing it!

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Books By Our Award Winning Authors

New Book by Samia

Make Change Fun And Easy: How to create inner peace to world peace in 3 simple steps!

You’ll become a practical visionary and an optimistic realist. This book is full of brilliantly practical and effective tips, tricks and techniques to change your life and change the world in the most fun and easy ways. And you’ll do it while staying strongly rooted in your highest values & growing to achieve the biggest dreams of your best self!

Book by our resident Dream Builder Coach, Tasneem Noor

The Faith Connection: Your Journey Starts with Knowing Yourself

Identify what faith means to you, what you have faith IN, and what becomes possible with even greater faith. Tasneem explores the many different dimensions of faith, and presents seven ways of experiencing faith in everyday life. Faith is neither a destination, philosophy, religion, nor a thing. Faith is the ability and experience of living with self-trust and unshakable confidence. Thus, even in the midst of doubts, obstacles, and fears, you will learn how to demonstrate your highest potential; and authentically express yourself. Read this book to recognize, and re-connect with, your true power within.