How Ancestral Healing Makes Change Fun & Easy...with Jacqueline Kane & Samia Bano

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Stuck in physical, emotional and financial pain? Can't figure out the cause of it?

It could mean that you are carrying some ancestral energy that is causing you to live in pain.

There is a way to release that energy!

Listen now to my interview with Jacqueline Kane, Master #EnergyHealer, to learn what ancestral energy is and how #ancestralhealing can help you feel better and enjoy more ease, flow and abundance :).

Check out this free meditation by Jacqueline! https://jacquelinemkane.com/qmb-meditation/

Learn more about Jacqueline at: JacquelinemKane.com

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Samia Bano is the #HappinessExpert, author, speaker, podcaster & coach for coaches and healers. Samia is most known for her book, 'Make Change Fun and Easy' and her #podcast of the same name. With the help of her signature Follow Your Heart Process™, a unique combination of #PositivePsychology and the spiritual wisdom of our most effective #ChangeMakers, Samia helps you overcome #LimitingBeliefs, your chains of fear, to develop a #PositiveMindset and create the impact and income you desire with fun and ease…

Samia’s advanced signature programs include the Happiness 101 Class and the Transformative Action Training.

Samia is also a Certified #ReikiHealer and Crisis Counselor working to promote #MentalHealthAwareness.

Samia models #HeartCenteredLeadership and business that is both #SociallyResponsible and #EnvironmentallyFriendly.

Samia is a practicing #Muslim with an inter-spiritual approach. As someone who has a love and appreciation for diversity, she is a #BridgeBuilder between people of different faiths and cultures.

Although Samia currently lives in California, USA, she has lived in 3 other countries and speaks Hindi, Urdu, and English fluently.

To Book your Free HAPPINESS 101 EXPLORATION CALL with Samia, click: https://my.timetrade.com/book/JX9XJ


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